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The book by Charles Bernstein, one of the major contemporary American Language Poets, the 2019 Bollingen Prize Winner, is intended for the readers interested in contemporary and postmodernist poetry and translation of poetry.


ISBN 979-8-9851762-1-6
Paperback ‏: ‎168 pages


Charles Bernstein, the author of more than 40 books of poetry, essays, librettos (not to mention translations into major languages) continues to refuse his own inventions for the sake of new experiments, renewing the language, estranging reality (to use his favorite term from V. Shklovsky). For Bernstein, the avant-garde is a constant renewal, to paraphrase Ezra Pound’s formula “Make it New.” Bernstein never stops moving, yet he does not evade the burning issues of the day. This is the second book of Charles Bernstein poems translated into Russian by Ian Probstein. The first book Sign under Test (Moscow, 2020) was shortlisted for the Russian Translation Guild Master Award. As was written by Vladimir Feshchenko, “with the publication of the ‘Russian Bernstein’, we now have an important example of Anglophone-Russian transfer of poetry and lan­guage art, we may say, a partially reverse transfer since Language Poetry itself acquired a lot from the Russian Avant-guard of the turn of the century”. 

Selected poems by Charles Bernstein translated by Ian Probstein (bilingual)

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